Hotel and Visitor Information for Greater Key West

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Hotel?

One way to assess the relative fairness of a hotel rate is to divide the hotel rate by the number of stars associated with the property. That is, if you’re considering a three-star hotel at $300 per night, you’re paying $100 per star. Compare this to the other three-star hotels at the destination, or better yet, in the neighborhood. If the prevailing rate is $75 per star, you might be paying too much.

Five Star Rating

Five Star Hotels

Luxurious Hotels. These are hotels that offer only large, luxurious to elegant guest accommodations and the pinnacle of service by any standard, often with opulent restaurants. Most Ritz Carltons, Conrads, and Four Seasons.

Four Star Rating

Four Star Hotels

Deluxe Hotels. Full-service hotels (with bellmen, concierge and room service) and palpably well-appointed rooms and gourmet restaurants. Most Hyatts and Marriotts.

Three Star Rating

Three Star Hotels

First Class Hotels. Mid-level properties with clean but basic furnishings and facilities and restaurants that serve three meals per day. Holiday Inns, Hampton Inns.

Two Star Rating

Two Star Hotels

Moderate Hotels. Usually clean, adequate, smaller hotels that may or may not have restaurants, but may serve extended continental breakfasts in the public areas. Days Inns, LaQuintas.

One Star Rating

One Star Hotels

Economy Hotels. Often independent hotels without bellhop or room services, sometimes with exterior access to guestrooms. Econolodges, Motel 6.